Welcome to my new website!!

After over 2 yrs I have battled with BT, a friend recommended squarespace to me and so far so good, considering Im great with a bouquet and a spade for that matter, when it comes to websites I am lacking, however hope you like the new look alex ball flowers website.

Not only is the website new, but we are also starting to deliver handpicked seasonal bouquets for local delivery , ie 10 mile radius of Rye (TN31 6AJ), that is just to start with hopefully we will be sending by post just as soon as we get the right packaging and courier.

I am also very new to blogging, so you may have to bear with me, I often spend all day in the shed stuffing oasis or in the garden, digging, rotovating, shovelling manure or watering, which gives me plenty of time to think of things to mention, by the time I get indoors my inspiration has flown.

I am going to sign off and go and water the dahlias!